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Attorney Protective’s Response to COVID-19

(as of April 17, 2020)

Attorney Protective (“AttPro”) is committed to serving our customers in both favorable conditions and through challenging times. Our customers include lawyers and law firms.  In most states we provide coverage on National Liability & Fire Insurance Company paper.


At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is generating concerns and questions, we remain steadfast in our mission to support our customers with peace of mind, expertise and choice. To that end, AttPro is providing coverage clarifications and information resources, payment deferrals, and payment plans upon request to our customers in need.


Risk and information resources:

  • AttPro has developed a website at to assist our customers with risk resources and information on pertinent issues.

  • AttPro has developed specific risk resources for COV-19 that it is delivering to its policyholders via email and our website.


Payment deferrals:

  • AttPro has postponed notices of cancellation for outstanding premium payments due to AttPro until June 30, 2020 (or later as required by certain state executive actions). Policyholders should contact the applicable premium finance company about payment flexibility for amounts owed to them. 

  • AttPro has suspended certain other collections activities with respect to premiums and deductible payments.


Coverage flexibility:

  • AttPro is responding to coverage questions on a case by case basis as needed. 

  • AttPro has already made the coverage accommodation that notarization does not have to be done in person if it complies with COV-19 emergency orders relating to substitute methods of appearance, subject to all other provisions of the policy. 


The above information will be posted on our website as a reference for our Michigan customers.


We are handling claims against our insureds in the regular course of business with limited impact. We continue to open new cases and will comply with various state directives applicable to claims-handling.


As we monitor the nation’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, AttPro intends to maintain these measures, and consider implementing new measures, for the duration of the pandemic or as otherwise directed by federal or state recommendations or orders.

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